More on Mr. Linde

Sune Linde (R)Today I received a very nice e-mail from another noted Swedish golf course designer, Peter Nordwall.

A Nordic golf course architect, Peter Nordwall is best known for his Swedish courses Bro-Balsta and Svartinge which both have their fans and elements to admire.

Bro-Balsta is the club where Annika Sorenstam learned to play golf and its main course is a surprisingly attractive layout that occupies rolling countryside thick with pine and birch.  Most of the putting targets are very large and built with tiers, shelves or swales – the moguls on the 9th are crazy!

This is a popular club, however, as the facilities are excellent and the turf conditions generally quite good. The 12th hole, modeled on the 16th at Augusta National, is also an attraction for those in Sweden who haven’t seen the original.

With a layout kept in great condition, Svartinge Golf Club is a very private club with only a few hundred members. These fortunate golfers enjoy games on pristine playing surfaces and also get to test their skills against one of the regions most attractive designs. Svartinge is a good golf course, and the club resembles The Grand in Australia for the setting and nature of the establishment.

We asked Peter to give us some of his thoughts on Sune Linde.

“I found Sune Linde to be an extremely friendly, soft-spoken, low profile man, who had a smile on his face almost all the time.”

Asked if he had any stories from their encounters, Peter said,  “Sadly enough, no.  We got together for a chat all too seldom, although I made it a habit during my years as president of the FSGA to spend some time on the phone with Sune just before or after the organization’s two annual meetings.”

Was he an influence for you? “Not really. Although he was 15 years older than me, we happened to start our course architect career almost at the same time and I had then already formed my design philosophy,” he said.

Your thoughts of his designs…any example holes or courses? Peter’s answer was, “I would say that one of Sune’s typical design trade marks was his “bottle-neck bunkering” for the tee shot on par 4 and 5 holes – i.e. one bunker left at 200 m + one right at 230 m (or vice versa).”

Do you have a favorite course of Sune Linde? “Several of his around 50 courses, especially Frösåker and Kallfors,” replied Peter