Mölle GK


Mölle Golf Club sits on the peninsula that forms Sweden’s westernmost point. Located inside the Kullenbergs Natural Preserve, theMölle Golf Club began in 1943. With war ships cruising back and forth below it’s cliffs, twenty five golfers began playing at Mölle. It is the highlight of Sweden’s neutality policy or the craziness of golfers.

The scarcity of land and a its classic design, Mölle is a riot of tight fairways and small greens. Because of its location you never seem to have a flat lie at Mölle. When you reach the #8 tee, walk to the back of the tee box. You will see a panorama of the Öresund and Denmark that will make you wish you brought the camera.

Did You Know?
That you can walk to the brightest lighthouse in Sweden from the parking lot of the golf course. The lighthouse sits 78.5 meters above sea level. The light reaches 50 kilometers away. The Kullegårdens Wardhus is a great place to stay and is only 50 meters from the first tee. If you can’t stay, at least enjoy this classic Swedish reastaurant. It may also be the only golf club I had to pay to enter to pay to play. There is an entry fee to enter the Kullabergs Natural Preserve.