Lower Handicap or Money Back

Yesterday I received a press release in the email from Golf för Vuxna (Golf for Adults). I have talked before about my adventure with this unconventional golf swing.

The founder, Sacke Frondelius, guarantees that you will lower your handicap using his method. If that does not happen after six months of purchasing his online course he will give you 500 SEK. Lower your current handicap using the Golf för Vuxna method or you’ll get money back.

First of all, the Golf for Vuxna swing came to be by accident. Frondelius was in a severe car accident that damaged his back. The damage was so great that doctors had wondered if he would ever walk again. But playing golf, with its twists and turns was out of the question. But determined, Sacke wanted to play golf again.

Here, the Golf for Adults creator tells how he discovered this swing. “After my car accident, I had to find a gentler way to play golf,” says Sacke Frondelius. “As a result of years of testing I came up with a new way to swing. I checked my results with doctors, physiotherapists and PGA instructors. Using the best amateur and professional players I could find, I tested it. I never thought that my new swing would become a safer and better way for anyone to play golf.”

The traditional golf swing has harmful and difficult movements. The Golf for Adults swing strips those away. The result is an easier and more natural swing. The Golf for Adults swing has just a few basic principles that are easy to learn and repeat. The movements follow recognizable everyday movements . The results are straighter and longer golf shots.

I use this swing and can tell you the results are as they say. And after 18 holes, my lower back is never sore.

Sacke Frondelius is sure that his swing will work for golfers of all ages. In fact, he will pay you money if your handicap does not lower after six months of buying his program. Now that is unusual. I’d like to see the face of your present instructor after you ask him for the same deal.

For more info:

Sacke Frondelius – 0708-19 73 90
Founder of Golf för Vuxna
website: www.golfforvuxna.se