In Golf, It’s a Small World After All

When I was a kid, I would hear the adults say, “It’s a small world, isn’t it?” I never could make sense of what they meant. I was an avid reader of the National Geographic magazine, so to my mind the world was enormous and mysterious and full of adventure.

But in the last week, the phrase came to me twice and both times it was related to golf.

unknownEnglishman Alexander Ward is a teaching professional in Pilar de la Horadada. Formerly associated with the Lo Romero Golf Club, Alex now owns and operates the Golf Stash Golf Boutique. While using the words golf and boutique in one sentence may be rare, in Alex’s case it is true. Alex is an individual with some distinct notions on the game of golf. He believes that the current concept in golf marketing, stuffing every with products confuses customers, especially non-golfers who enjoy the clothing styles or may be looking for gifts for their golfing friends. The Golf Stash has plenty of room to amble around and focus on the items at hand.

Anyway, Alex and my Eva were in a discussion so I do what I normally do when I’m not involved in the conversation. I pantomime my golf swing. As I swing a few more, Alex asks me how I hit the ball? Did I draw hook it? Fade Slice it? I answered, “Mostly straight, I guess….” Then Alex said something that jolted both Eva and I. He said, “Golf for Adults?”

For those of you who don’t know Golf for Adults is the English translation for the book by Sacke Frondelius, Golf för Vuxna. I have been associated with Sacke for a couple of  years, but to find someone, an Englishman no less, in the middle of Spain who knows Sacke and the book was a trip all right. We found out that Alex represents and is an instructor in the Golf för Vuxna.


Lo Romero


3 Fun Finns

This past Friday I played golf at Lo Romero Golf Course, which IMHO gives you the best bang for buck in the south Alicante area. I joined a 3some of Finns who were on a golfing holiday. On the second tee, one of the three, Aulis Ranua, comes up to me and asks if I would write my name on the scorecard. I thought it a nice gesture, he wanting to keep my score. I filled in my name and we proceeded to play the hole.


Aulis Ranua, Discerning Golf Scholar, Ace Photographer and Good Guy.

As we came off the green. Aulis comes up to me and asks if I’m a writer? In my head, my voice says how ITF did he know that but my voice said, “Yes, I am.” My new Finnish friend then says, “Did you write the book, The Swedish Golf Experience?”  That sound you just heard was my mind blowing.  I was able to mouth the words,”Yeah, I did. How do you know?”  “I OWN that book! I love it. I look at it all the time.”

It was a real nice day after that bit of ego boost. I mean it doesn’t come near hearing, “Did you write Moby Dick?” Still, it was cool.

It’s taken a few years but it has become a small world, after all.