A Help to Hands

I don’t endorse products unless I use them and like them. Here’s one I do have and do like, the Copper Tech Golf Glove. But first, some background.

In the last thirty years, the technological aspect of golf equipment exploded. Drivers, fairway woods, irons, hybrids and do we need to mention the propulsion of the golf ball. Equipment technology marches on to the detriment of classic golf courses that are confined to the land they were built on. But one small piece of equipment stayed remarkably the same since its introduction. That piece of equipment is the golf glove.

The patent for a golf glove design came in 1885. Golf gloves helped to address the problem of humidity and dirt making it difficult for golfers to maintain a grip on the club. Gloves also protected the golfer’s hands from painful blisters and calluses due to long practice or playing sessions. So, club makers worked to develop grips that provided more security. Gloves remained a novelty.

In the early 1960s, Arnold Palmer’s habit of removing his glove when preparing to putt the ball was emulated by amateurs everywhere. He made the glove seem “cool” at a time when golf was beginning to soar in popularity.

For all its popularity, the glove remains no different than the gloves of 100 or more years ago, some sort of leather and five fingers. But last January, I made a discovery at the PGA Show in Orlando. The Copper Tech glove may be the first technological advance of the ordinary golf glove.

The Copper Tech glove, in men and women styles, has three new advances. First, each glove made has a “form flex” technology compression, so one size fits all. Copper Tech gloves expand and contract to suit men and women of all sizes. Second, Copper Tech gloves are engineered with its non-slip silicon technology (pat. pend.) This allows golfers a better grip on the club with less tension even in wet weather. Silicone also improves durability. Third, the copper-infused technology infused into the glove helps soothe joints and relieve pain in arthritic hands. Copper is perhaps the best pick by those suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Many golfers enjoy its ability in removing joint stiffness and aches. While theories differ, many experts claim that copper has antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Eva suffers from joint and tissue pain in her hand. It forces her to wear a thumb brace when she pursues any activity where the hands must work. Intrigued, Eva bought a Copper Tech glove at the PGA Show in Orlando. We played a round of golf a few days later. Of course, she played with her new Copper Tech golf glove. Hours after the round, playing without the brace, she felt no discomfort from playing. None! It blew her away.

In support of her new discovery, I played our next round with not one but two gloves on. Because of the compressed fit, I expected my hands to be hot and sweaty. While the glove improved circulation in my hand, the wicking action kept the hands dry. I wore the gloves the entire round at Eagle Trace (Coral Springs) on a warm Florida day, even putting on the green. I have  “Viking Finger” (my left ring finger is bent) and after the round, my hands were dry and not tired from whacking the ball far too many times.

This is what the Copper Tech glove did for me: better grip, dry hands and not tired after four + hours of golf. To date Eva has no pain after many rounds with the Copper Tech glove. These are our facts,

The gloves come in men and woman styles in a variety of color combinations. If you suffer from aching hands or finger joints, you owe it to yourself to try these gloves. If you’re interested in getting a Copper Tech glove, contact: info@swedishgolfonline.com or sales@nordicfields.se or ask at your pro shop.

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