About SGO


Swedish Golf Online is different from other Swedish golf websites because all the news, information, stories and opinion on the site will be in English. While Swedes, in general, speak English quite well, few golf sites use any English at all. Swedish Golf Online will try to pass on to you our enthusiasm for golfing in Sweden.

On Swedish Golf Online will guide you to the golf courses, places to stay and places of interest that you can visit when you’re not playing golf in Sweden. Swedish Golf Online will also bring you the news of players, governing organization and business that affects Swedish golf.

Sweden has the second largest golf community in Europe, and though the professional golfers from Sweden like Sorenström, Parnevik, Stenson, Alfredsson, Petterson, Koch, Karlsson, Neumann, Gustafson and Nordqvist are well known to the rest of the golf world, the country they come from is a comparative secret.

There are some who say that Sweden is the best kept secret in golf. That’s an honor that no golf course should bear, especially the ones in Sweden. Our goal is to have a site that shows Sweden as a golf destination you will want to come experience and enjoy.